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Our Mission

We strive to provide safer alternatives to our customers and planets by formulating skin-care and house-care products that lessen beauty pollution as well all decrease our carbon footprint as a business. Help us help you improve the state of ourselves and our planet. 

Did you know?

The amount of plastic packaging on U.S. products, has increased by over 120 times since 1960, and has almost 70 percent of that waste piling up in landfills. We wish to decrease the amount of pollution in our planet by starting a movement of Eco-friendly beauty and healthcare. 

Have you ever thought about what chemicals in your everyday products really do to both you and the environment?

Our bodies have the ability to absorb active chemicals present in certain products that we use into our bloodstream, and temporarily store it into the body. These chemicals also eventually end up in the ocean. With not much research done on the effects that certain chemicals have on the oceans it could be years, even decades, until the actual effects are discovered. By then though, it may be too late. 

The planet needs our help, lets help save it together!


Noemi F. Lima (Partner)
Carla P. Miranda (Partner)
Eli P. Decarvalho (General Partner)

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